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Lena Buarque
Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

It is hard to speak of you —

Some days you burst in
without care or attentiveness,
mindlessly giving me History
and all the painful responsibility it brings.
Other days you never come
and I’m left with stale bits, crumbs,
missing pieces of a puzzle,
scattered words floating without meaning.
I stare into my coffee.
I don’t recognize
its smell.
I see eyes blinking at me
so adoringly — whose are they?
They serve me like I’m a queen.
Yet, my feeble skin,
with all its wrinkles, tell me otherwise.
I ask myself over and over:
who am I? …

Fiction Friday

Photo by Maja R. on Unsplash

There’s a tadpole that ventures into the pool by night only to be scooped out with a net skimmer by morning.

Under the moonlight, its breaststrokes are expansive, pointing to the belief that the pool has no edge. In its ignorance, it embraces a freedom others would call a prison. And in its content unknowing of another day, it lives a limitless life.

The tadpole does not need to claim the territory as its own, for belonging does not exist in its world. As such, it knows nothing of what it feels like not to be from somewhere.

The pool…

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Visible to me,
I counted nineteen
which my fingertips
sailed through when
tracing your celestial equator,
connecting the dots, like
God, in a chart only then
discovered by my eyes.
In your back
I found myself a fountain
of light
to guide me
through the darkest of nights.
no night came
and no map laid bare
to nurture the certainty
I so hoped to have
in knowing that the
shore of my own island
was not far from where we stood.
an ever-receding abyss
pulled me in,
and I fell free
through false, bottomless
floors until something
loosened up in the bowels of my ship.
A rusty compass of sorts
I fetched from deep…

Lena Buarque

Brazilian writer of fiction, poetry and essays | Creative Writing MA | Classics BA | Marketing Analytics whizz |Commended by Bristol Short Story Prize 2019

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